Ifigen PHYTO-MIN SAGE bottle 150ml

 Extracto de planta rico en oligoelementos


Immunity, reinforces defenses

Sage has anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious properties. It is very effective in case of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, against cough and angina.

Copper stimulates the self-defense capacity of the organism, by favoring the production of antibodies and participates in the regulation of the immune system. It also favors the fixation of vitamin C, so essential in infectious diseases.

Traditionally, copper-gold-silver diathesis has been used in microbial and viral infections. Magnesium reinforces the immune and phagocytic mechanisms, besides having an important role in cellular respiration, facilitating the body's elimination of waste.

Zinc and manganese act on enzymes (superoxide dismutases) that participate in cellular protection mechanisms against toxic derivatives of oxygen. They also participate in the fight against infectious processes through their action on free radicals.

2 ml. 1 or 2 times a day. Do not exceed this dose unless expressly indicated

150 mg salvia extract, 1g/l sorbic acid, excipient components (10% glycerolum, purified water 90%).

150 ml bottle.

PHYTO-MIN SAGE bottle 150ml

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150 ml bottle.