Mimasa KOMBU from Japan 50g

Kombu is the generic japanese name for various types of seaweed from the waters of northern japan.

alga kombu - mimasa

Kombu grows in cold, deep waters and forms belts up to twenty meters long.

Harvested from July to September.

Made in Japan.

EAN Code: 84 36032151533


Kombu (Laminariaceae Longissima) 100%.

50 g packet

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Nutritional values

Energy (kcal) 193
Protein (g) 9,1
Fat (g) 2,7
- Saturated (g) 1,1
Carbohydrate (g) 51,5
- Sugars (g) 15,8
Sodium (g) 5,64
Non-fibrous (g) 8,6
Fibrous (g) 32,7

KOMBU from Japan 50g

7,89 €