Mimasa Bamboo Chopsticks chinese decorated in blue

Palillos chinos bambú azules

Set of chopsticks chinese, made of bamboo, with a natural finish in the light color of the bamboo itself.

A set of 5 pairs of chopsticks that come in a black box for better conservation. They are also decorated with a drawing in blue tones with oriental motifs.

We recommend washing them by hand to help prolong its use.

These chopsticks are traditionally used in the East, not only for Asian food, but for any type of dishes. We recommend to use them when eating recipes such as Sushi, Ramen, or any recipe with Udon noodles.

You can combine this set of chopsticks with the Shibumi Tableware collection.

The perfect gift for any lover of gastronomy and cooking!

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Bamboo Chopsticks chinese decorated in blue

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