Mimasa HIJIKI from Japan 50g

This seaweed grows along the rocky coast of the pacific ocean.


Hijiki has a brownish color, which turns grayish when it dries. The characteristic black color is a result of washing, boiling and drying the seaweed various times, which also helps partially eliminate its strong bitter aroma.

It is very rich in calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, carotene and provitamin A.

Hijiki is highly recommended for children and pregnant women.

Made in Japan.

EAN Code: 84 36032151526

Hijiki - Mimasa

Boil for 30 minutes with sautéed vegetables. It can also be boiled with cereals

Hijiki (Hizikia fusiforme) 100%.

50 g packet

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Nutritional values

Energy (kcal) 209
Protein (g) 6,6
Fat (g) 2,1
- Saturated (g) 0,7
Carbohydrate (g) 64,6
- Sugars (g) 1,2
Sodium (g) 3,7
Non-fibrous (g) 3,3
Fibrous (g) 61,1
Calcium (g) 1500
Iron (g) 19,3
Potassium (g) 3100

HIJIKI from Japan 50g

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