Mimasa GENMAI UDON (rice and wheat) 250g

Handmade spaghetti made with wheat flour and brown rice flour, using select raw materials.

The secret to its high quality is to knead the flour slowly with water and salt.

Drying is also very important for each spaghetti strand to have the same degree of humidity inside and outside.

Made in Japan.

Format: 250g packet.

EAN Code: 84 36032151137

Boil for 10 minutes in abundant water. The Japanese like cooking this pasta in a broth made with Tamari-Shoyu, onion, Nori seaweed, Daikon and a pinch of powdered ginger, which is boiled beforehand for 20 minutes. Serve in a bowl of broth dressed with chopped, raw scallions and Tamari-Shoyu.

94% wheat, 3% brown rice, 3% sea salt.

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Nutritional values

Energy (kcal) 344
Protein (g) 13,5
Fat (g) 2,1
- Saturated (g) 0,4
Carbohydrate (g) 72,2
- Sugars (g) 1,1
Sodium (g) 0,75

GENMAI UDON (rice and wheat) 250g

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