Mimasa AGAR AGAR in strips from UE 20g

Agar-agar comes from seaweed from the genus gracilaria.

This seaweed guarantees the intake of recommended daily fiber, which helps to regulate intestinal transit

MIMASA’s Agar-agar is obtained mainly from the Gelidium red algae, which is collected in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a set of boiled and dried seaweeds, which are delicious in the preparation of gelatins with fruits, vegetables or legumes.

Agar-agar is very rich in soluble fiber and minerals, so it helps regulate intestinal transit, cholesterol, diabetes, and prevent overweight. It is very digestive and helps the bowel movement. It has very few calories and at the same time fills the stomach, so it is recommended in slimming cures.

Agar-agar contains 94.80% of soluble natural fiber, which supposes an amount superior to the rest of the foods of vegetal origin. Keep in mind that fiber-enriched foods (breads, biscuits, breakfast cereals, bran, etc.) contain 6% to 45% fiber, and in dietary supplements, tablets and granules, this amount varies between 20% and 80%.

The incorporation of MIMASA’s Agar-agar in the diet facilitates the intake of recommended daily fiber, which is 30 grams. Agar-agar contains neither sugars nor fats and its caloric contribution is null. As it does not contain sugars nor gluten, it is suitable for diabetic and celiac patients.

It helps prevent overweight, since it does not provide any calories to the body and has a high satiating power; in case of constipation Agar-agar regulates the intestinal transit and regenerates, while softening, the intestinal walls; it is also recomended in high-cholesterol and diabetes, since it decreases the absorption of cholesterol, fats and sugar in the body.

Once cooked, Agar-agar forms a gel of smooth texture that does not need chewing and is very easy to swallow. For this reason, it is ideal for the elderly. Due to its ability to capture and maintain the liquid ingested in diets, it prevents dehydration.

Nutritional values

Energy (kcal) 26
Protein (g) 1,06
Calcium (g) 400
Phosphorus (g) 9
Iron (g) 5

AGAR AGAR in strips from UE 20g

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