In MIMASA we have a long tradition in the market of organic food. We are a family business and carry a broad range of products made in Japan in a traditional and artisan way (tamari, tamari shoyu, misos, seaweeds, kudzu…), Italian pasta made with heritage recovered wheat cultivars, sesame products, etc. Throughout our long history we have always focused on quality, because health is our true motive.

The many products offered by MIMASA have been staples for people during centuries, both in the Eastern and Western world. It is about making the most of the ancestral wisdom that the contemporary civilization had put away. That’s why we offer products native to Japan, for example, where they have been jealously guarded for their wonderful effects on the human body. We also recommend products commonly used in Europe that have outstanding benefits and are coming back.

In MIMASA we offer a rich selection of organic products the benefits of which are backed by evidence, and we will keep working hard to always offer the highest quality.


IFIGEN offers cutting-edge food supplements. Our line of products includes oligotherapy, phytotherapy, with concentrates of active ingredients in plants, and essential fatty acids, which are formulated with innovative techniques to concentrate DHA and preserve the characteristics of this molecule, among others.

The quality of IFIGEN’s products and their unique formulation processes have positioned it as one of the leading brands in the market.